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Enabling Switches

The 3-position safety switches to protect the operator during machine operation.

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Be safe, feel safe!

In its latest issue, Newsweek International magazine presents IDEC's innovative Safety 2.0 concept.

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LED Illumination Units

New Product Launch of Industrial lighting Units

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MOTEK 2019

APEM & IDEC exhibited at this year's international trade fair Motek in Stuttgart.

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In the production lines of automotive and automotive parts industry, productivity and safety must be achieved while meeting the user’s various needs.


Food and packaging

As safety and quality of foods have attracted more attention, there is a change in the trend/needs for food processing machines.


machine tools

Improved maintainability are required in machine tool industry. IDEC helps you solve your issues with our wide range of products and solutions.


Machine tools
material handling

Material handling is all about automatizing process lines and making them more efficient. Now the new values are required—they must move seamlessly.



Semiconductor industry requires smaller footprint and higher throughput. IDEC products help reduce labor, wiring, installation space, and maintenance cost/labor.



Elevators, the vehicle often employed for public use, need to keep up with social trends and thus comply with standards/law, accordingly requiring new technologies.


About us

IDEC and APEM have a lot in common :

Since foundation in november 1945, we have been in pursuit of achieving the "Creation of the Optimum Environment for Humans and Machines"

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The Anshin concept

Think automation and beyond

IDEC continues to take on the challenges of contributing toward a safe and sustainable society while striving to become a truly global company.

In pursuit of the corporate mission of making social contributions as part of all its endeavors since its founding, IDEC has been dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services centering on control and safety technologies.
Having celebrated its 70th anniversary in March 2017, IDEC added the APEM Group headquartered in France to the IDEC Group, changing the geographic revenue structure and transitioning into a global business.

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