1 Toshi K. FUNAKI, Chairman

IDEC continues to take on the challenges of contributing toward a safe and sustainable society while striving to become a truly global company.

In pursuit of the corporate mission of making social contributions as part of all its endeavors since its founding, IDEC has been dedicated to providing a wide range of products and services centering on control and safety technologies.

Having celebrated its 70th anniversary in March 2017, IDEC added the APEM Group headquartered in France to the IDEC Group, changing the geographic revenue structure and transitioning into a global business. Now, more than 50% of its Group-wide revenue is generated outside of Japan. To pursue sustainable growth on a global scale, we are advancing toward our 100th anniversary and beyond with the spirit of taking on challenges, being a team player, and encouraging self-development while striving for constant improvement. This is essential because we believe that no company can enjoy success in the future if it remains satisfi¬ed with what it does in the present.

As part of our transformation strategy, we established the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Committee in April 2018. To further promote our CSR activities as a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, we have adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). To achieve these SDGs, the CSR Committee is now leading our efforts to solve social issues through our business activities. We believe that by doing so we will increase corporate value.

The IDEC Group is committed to taking an active part in building a safe and sustainable society.

Toshi K. Funaki Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Toshi K. Funaki
Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer


Marc Enjalbert, Chairman, CEO

Since its creation more than 65 years ago, APEM has developed a broad range of HMI products with a strong capability to customize products.

APEM’s industrial operations are characterized by a vertical integration. This allows us to support our product strategy, which is to provide a very large offering of Human Machine Interface products while addressing numerous markets with a continuous adaptation to the needs of these markets.

This vertical integration means expertise in many industrial skills in the Group’s 9 production sites, specialized by products, ensuring perfect technical knowledge and extreme reactivity.

We view ourselves as a global industrial and logistical organization that provides quality products, marketing assistance and any other services required by our customers.
Our four logistics centers located strategically in each continent, close to our main markets, ensure quick deliveries and tailored customer service.

In addition to this global strength, we remain resolutely local in building and enhancing customer relationships thanks to our dedicated sales and technical teams residing in 10 different countries. Our customers greatly benefit from the close partnerships we offer.

The APEM - IDEC combination is an ideal fit. We both have a long and successful history in the industry. Our product offerings are complementary, and we share strong company values: quality products, first-rate customer service, and resourceful employees.

Of course, human factors are at the core of this progress strategy, with the involvement of everyone at all stages, including safety and environment which are key elements of our everyday priorities.

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